Remoter tips for getting and keeping part-time remote jobs

On the Remoter platform there is a lot of activity of employees looking for new workers. And, successful remote workers securing new part-time remote jobs. There are several reasons why some freelance remote workers close new clients more than the others. We share these reasons with you.

1. Keep your Profile optimized for part-time remote jobs.

Companies hire you for part-time remote jobs that you’re passionate about if your profile reflects this passion to everyone that visits your profile. Make sure your contact details are always up-to-date. Include as many options as possible to reach you. Be available for new jobs when you need them. Be clear about your availability status to potential clients. Taking too many part-time remote jobs only hurts your reputation if they affect your quality of work. When you learn a new skill, update your Remoter profile.

2. Master time management during part-time jobs.

When clients offer you part-time remote jobs, be sure to manage your time wisely. If you agree on set hours per day for a good amount in return, keep everything in order at your end and the client will respect their side too. The more professional you are the better chances that the client keeps working with you. After completing the project, satisfied clients most likely give you a great review and probably return when they need more work done.

3. Create communication rituals with your clients.

Part-time remote jobs only work when communication channels are clear between the employer and worker. Schedule meetings to update your client on the progress of their projects. Let them know when you need to extend your deadline and suggest better strategies that benefit both sides of the part-time jobs. Clients want peace of mind, knowing that you are doing the tasks they are paying you to do. Give them piece of mind, and you will never run out of clients.

4. Keep learning new skills during remote jobs.

When you work on part-time remote jobs for clients, they appreciate getting the skills they look for in a freelance remote worker. Research is ok, it is even better if you learn how to present your findings in a way that the client is able to use these and carry them out in their business. Updating your skills through online courses always pays back in the future . You can learn almost anything from online tutorials today; use that to your advantage. Become a skills warehouse.

Once a client knows that you are available for new part-time jobs and they know you have all the skills to make them hire more often, you have room to negotiate your salary. Time management skills make you indispensable to the client, and they will offer you more part-time remote jobs when you complete their work successfully.

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