Remote job search engines evolving to benefit freelancers

Some remote job search engines increase their commission rates, doubling them and effectively short-changing freelancers. Remoter is among the first to have a pro-freelancer approach to the online remote job search engines market. For one, we don’t ask freelancers to pay us anything in getting the same resource.
Among the points of reasoning behind such a model, we considered the following;

• Freelancers seldom have the money to pay all year round to get jobs.
• Paying to get a job is the same as extortion.
• Asking for a part of the reward we don’t work for is unfair.
• There are more freelancers than clients, how about we let clients pick their working partners.
• Employers are not burdened with mail about their jobs.
• Clients just need to know who can bring the best results.

The key differences indicated above distinguish Remoter, and they show good results so far. We expect to make life better for both employers and freelancers when using us instead of other remote job search engines. Let us explain it to you.

No flooded mailboxes from remote jobs search engines.

Other remote job search engines will keep sending you emails about promotions and discounts to squeeze you of all the capital you have. Remoter only lets you know when a client contacts you (for a freelancer), and when you have responses from freelancers (for clients).

Employers progress quicker while looking for skills and experience.

It doesn’t take you being online or bidding regularly in order for clients to notice you. The Remoter profile you create says everything that clients need to know, including even the details of your workstation. This makes it easier for clients to pick you up when you do projects like theirs and produce great results.

Less charges than on other remote job search engines

The moment you complete creating your profile as a freelancer, they don’t ask you for more in terms of deposits. This is the case at some other remote job search engines. If you sign up as an employer, the only time you pay is when you decide for how long you need to search for freelancers. Then you get to see their contact details and hire them if they match your requirements, including the salary they want.

Effectively better results for client projects.

The mature kind of remote job search engines like Remoter attracts talented professionals. This means every project inherently gets a more skilled attention, producing better results than other fast paced remote job search engines.
There are plenty of other reasons for which the model works, most of them you appreciate only when you get close enough to the system through registering an account. Employers and freelancers both get to smile more than they would if they work through other remote job search engines.

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