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There are a lot of online job search websites that offer a platform for freelancers to get online jobs. They follow different models to do the same thing; giving employers access to remote freelance talent to carry out work. There are a lot of these job websites. There also is a large number of freelancers, some with exactly the same skills as you have. Therefore it is hard for a starting freelancers to get their first client.

Before we get to how you can fast track the first client acquisition phase, you should know that these websites work best when you receive stars, reviews and feedback from previous clients. This means every future client is as important as the first you get.

Here are ways in which you get the best results when doing job search sessions.

1. Searching for an online job is in fact a job.

A job, by extended definition, is a task that rewards you in the end. Being aggressive and mindful of requests posted by clients on job search websites works best. Because, when done expertly, you always land the best jobs. It is a skill in itself that you must perfect through conscious trials and keeping in mind what works and what to avoid.

Have targets to find a job. Or, at least engage in discussions with a client every day for a week. Look for jobs you are best at. Search on job search platforms that offer those jobs. Doing it for an hour does not count. Because, world-class freelancers spend more time looking for the perfect job than anything else when they are in between jobs.

Many job search websites offer notification options when a job of your liking gets posted.
These services keep a freelancer a couple of steps ahead of the rest of the pack. There are widgets and mobile apps that list online job search results in spread sheets. Knowing these and applying them to your search will undoubtedly make you one of those freelancers that work all the time. – no dry seasons.

2. When pitching for online jobs, use a different approach each time.

There are a lot of jobs being posted on online job search websites. And, the temptation to rush through them all with a template proposal is always peak. Consider that on the other side an eager employer is genuinely looking for the best talent to award for tasks. The moment they think you are not as genuine, you are not getting hired.

More than 50 freelancers could be running for the same job as you are. Standing out from the pack is the only way you get noticed by the client. Be sure to read into as much of the client’s brief as you can. Ensure their required skills correspond with your strengths and make them know it. Be open to applying new knowledge from research should the job demands that. Don’t lie to prevent disappointments in the end. It only destroys your freelancing reputation and wastes both yours and your client’s time. Clients seldom have time for such failures.

While you pitch to new clients, look for key words and major skills that they need. This will help you respond to their briefs with the perfect proposal. Over time, freelancers looking for quality eventually hone this critical skill. And for them, jobs start coming from previous clients, making job search less needed in the future.

3. The more you pitch the better chances you have of landing an online job.

When looking for opportunities on online job search websites, the hidden truth is that you face a lot of rejections before you find that satisfying green light. With more than a thousand jobs posted online, trying out at least 30 of them make a well spent day.

Some jobs will be responded to in a flash, and some need days before the client gets to your proposal. If you have applied the advice in the previous steps, then they will surely approach you and give you the task. Sometimes they let you know that the job has already been filled. You have to grow a hard skin, and realize that none of those decisions are personal.

If job posters knew you personally they probably would have sent the job to you via email instead – which is what you should do when pitching. Exert yourself in every pitch, leave your fingerprints all over the proposal and through refined pitching you will get more green lights than not.

4. Online job search websites have filters, use them like an expert.

Making online job search sessions work better and usually means searching for the right jobs. When you know which of your skills sell best, and have crafted the best proposals ritual, the next thing is searching for as many such skills-demanding jobs as you can. Use filters to specify these skills when you search for online jobs.

Besides looking on online job search websites, search for local jobs also. Local clients are easier to pitch to. The fact that you can meet to discuss the job is in your advantage. Clients looking forward to work with you more than they would with a freelancer thousand miles away. This does not mean you should relax on the vigour and zeal to land the job. Each job is as important to you as the very first one.

With the model changing, about how you land jobs online, clients are increasingly being the ones searching for freelancers. Make sure you present your profile in the best way possible for the specific type of jobs you like working on. Sometimes using social media to promote your profile to clients who not search where you are is a necessary boost to you. Keep adding skills and updating your freelancing portfolio. It attracts the right kind of client.

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