We love building long-term working relationships online. We hired our first Filipino co-worker in June 2010. Along the way, we learned to love the Filipino way of life. Nowadays, we hire also remote workers from The Netherlands, Spain, Czech Republic, India and Pakistan.


Hardworking people connected through creativity and technology.

CEO & Founder

David Hendrix

Admin Security & SEO

Matt Warner

Marketing & Sales

Muriel Wing

Designer & Programmer

Loyd Marschal


The user-friendliest database of home-based professionals.

Our Mission

Connecting hardworking people through creativity and technology and create opportunities for companies and independent professionals worldwide to build a personal and long-term working relationship through the user-friendliest and most in-the-flesh database for remote workers around.

So, why starting a database?

Through the years, we visited many websites. Always looking for skilled and ambitious remote workers who want to build a longterm relationship. All in all, a time-consuming process. Our conclusion:

“there must be an easier way to do this”. It’s one of the main reasons starting Remoterjobs.com. Remoterjobs works like a reverse job board.

It is a big pool of talented remote workers. First of all, job seekers present themselves through beautifully designed profiles. Employers can easily filter remote workers by job title, salary, country, reviews, availability and much more. Just try it yourself. Remoterjobs is the user-friendliest database of home-based professionals for sure. It’s as simple as that.

Top Remote Jobs

Though many of us think primarily of writers, web developers, graphic designers, call center agents and general Va’s when we think of remote working, there’s actually a wide range of diverse remote jobs available.

  • Writers
  • General VA's
  • Developers
  • Designers
  • Programmers